Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pete Fornatale - Facebook Friend of the Day

I am very selective of whom I make my Facebook Friend of the Day. Just minutes ago I made friends with Pete on Facebook. He simultaneously made friends with Alan Berman. Hopefully Alan will tune it Pete's show on Saturdays. I have listened to Pete on the radio for about 40 years on WNEW-FM, WXRK and WFUV. A few months ago Karen phoned me at work saying that Pete had called and asked for me. He was looking for a bass player for a band, and I wondered why would he call me.

In April we met Pete at the Long Island Radio Day at CW Post. He was very pleasant to myself, Lee, Karen and my other radio friends who were there. If you click on the link above you will see a photo that he took with the entire family. It turns out that Pete was looking for Martin Slutsky who plays with a band McKendree Spring. He found my name on the WFUV contributor list and confused me with Martin (no relation).

I always donate to WFUV during their Fall fundraising drive. I will make sure I make my donation during Pete's show this year.

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