Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dylan Different is Sidran Superb

< I never heard of Ben Sidran until January of this year when Gary Walker played his music on WBGO. I was informed from his Facebook page that he was playing last night at the Highline Ballroom in the Chelsea Piers section of Manhattan. I walked from Penn Station to West 16th Street after work. I never being in that section of Chelsea before. We ate dinner there and at 8 PM sharp Ben and his group took the stage. When I usually go to a concert we sit in the back, but this was a small venue so we were right in the front and could see and hear everythig clearly. Ben gave a little monologue with music playing about the significance of Bob Dylan. The show started with Gotta Serve Somebody which was my favorite of the night. He also played my birthday song Highway 61 Revisited. He started the second set with Lee's favorite Tangled Up in Blue. He also sang Like a Rolling Stone and Love Minus Zero/No limit which were not on his CD. At the end of the concert we bought a copy of an older CD of his titled Bumpin' at the Sunside. I just checked Amazon.com and noted he had several other CDs for sale.

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