Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The 12 Million Dollar Man Sits on his Butt

Mets general manager Omar Minaya gave Oliver Perez a contract for $12 million/year for 3 years. In the photo above he is sitting on his butt on the pitchers mound but in reality has been doing that in the bullpen. He has been absolutely awful the few times he has pitched this season. In last night's game against Atlanta he gave up a home run on his second pitch. So the Mets lost 9-3 instead of 8-3. He could have spent some time in the minor leagues trying to reinvent himself, but he refused. If he can't throw a fastball at 90 MPH anymore, perhaps he could try to develop a knuckleball. The Mets are obligated to him for next season. Oy vey!

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