Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Nice Thing about Tuesdays - A Double Dose of Bob Shannon

This semester I have been working late on Tuesday's at the NJIT Library. When I work late I bring my radio instead reading material for the train ride from Flushing to Newark. Since the #7 line is mostly above ground I listen to Bob Shannon on WCBS-FM. I have been listening to Bob since the mid 1980s. I remember back then he had Tuesday Night Trivia when he asked a question and listeners would phone in with the answer. Bob announced my son Lee's birth on the air in 1988. When I arrive at work I turn on my computer and listen to Bob on
WLNG is an oldies station from eastern Long Island. Back in 1977-78 when I lived in New London, CT I was able to listen over the air, but with internet technology anyone can listen over the web.
The WCBS-FM show is done live while the WLNG show is pre-recorded. It is obvious that Bob really enjoys his jobs at both station. He really knows the music and the artists of the oldies genre. WLNG also plays more rarities and hits from the early days of rock n' roll. Connie T. Empress, his wife, is on the air with him at WLNG. Last summer my friend Alan Berman, the Dean of oldies radio listeners, was driving back to NYC from Newport, RI. While he was driving back through Connecticut he was able to hear Bob simultaneously on WLNG at 92.1 FM and at WCBS-FM at 101.1 FM.
Bob has certainly been an asset to the radio business for many years and hopefully he will continue with his two gigs for a very long time.

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