Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beat Expo in Stamford, Ct Today

Yours truly is posing with Clay Cole who hosted a television dance show in New York City from 1959-68. Clay also met Alan Berman, the Dean of oldies radio listeners. Both of us bought autographs of Clay's new book titled "Sh-Boom! The Explosion of Rock n Roll 1953-68." I will likely write a review of this book in Bruce's Journal.

The show was devoted to the Beatles and featured some tribute bands including Octopus's Garden and the Beatles Forever Band. Guests included Peter Tork of Monkees, Butch Patrick of the Monkees, and Sid Bernstein who brought the Beatles to America in 1964. Sid was selling his book titled "It's Sid Bernstein Calling ... The Promoter Who Brought the Beatles to America. Sid looked quite well for a man of age 92. I attended a session where Sid was interviewed about some of circumstances of how the Beatles came to Carnegie Hall in 1964 and to Shea Stadium in 1965 and 1966. It is heard to believe that one could buy a ticket to a Beatles concert for $3.50 back then. Salaries were also much lower in 1965.

We also saw a film of Beatles performances from 1964. Much of the space in the hotle was devoted to a vendors/dealers room where one could purchases records, tapes CDs, videos and other Beatles memorabilia. Of course someone was trying to sell copies of the rare Yesterday and Today Butcher Cover for thousands of dollars.

Besides Alan, I ran into Bill Dilane, Fred Velez, and Annie K. Kolenberg Cross. Photos may be seen at You will see a photo of Lee with Butch Patrick who starred in the Munsters.

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