Sunday, November 22, 2009

2012 the movie - a little far fetched for me

We took a walk over to the local multiplex this afternoon to see the movie 2012. As I have said before in this journal most of the movies these days are suited for a young audience. Most of the people in the theater for Pirate Radio last week were baby boomers like myself who grew up with the sounds of the 60s. The audience for 2012 were mostly kids.

It is my opinion that science fiction books and films be based on speculative science, not blind fantasy. Here a scientist states in 2009 that there is excessive neutrino activity in the sun and 3 years later there are earthquakes all over. The protagonists in the movie have way of getting out of harms way by car or plane within seconds of death. In one scene they are submerged under water for several minutes and survive without any ill effects.

The movie gets an A++ for special effects. Maybe in a bad economy people may feel that they are just out of work, while most of civilization in this movie perishes.

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