Thursday, October 8, 2009

WQXR moves from 96.3 to 105.9 tonight

At 8 PM WQXR will move from 96.3 to 105.9 FM while WCAA, a Spanish music station at 105.9, moves to 96.3. The New York Times which has owned WQXR for years has sold the station to WNYC. Although I was never a fan of classical music, I am glad that enthusiasts of that genre of music will have a place on the radio. I remember hating classical music when they made us listen to it in high school. It would have been a public relations fiasco for the Times if classical music left free radio. It is very rare when there is a frequency swap in NYC.

Back in 1988 97.1 WYNY exchanged frequencies with Hot 103.5. I remember I had two tape decks going to record the frequency switch. I am not going to do that this time. I am listening to 96.3 FM to hear the switchover. Someone will post it on the web. In the same year WFAN moved from 1050 to 660 on the AM dial while a Spanish music station moved to 1050. I don't remember the date, but the Spanish station moved from 1050 to 97.9 FM while WEVD moved to 97.9.

If Paul Mount or Scott Fybush are reading this on Facebook, they will likely add the dates.

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