Monday, October 19, 2009

Worst Morning Commute in 17 years

My commute from Flushing to Newark is bad enough. On a normal day I leave my house about 6:35 AM and arrive at NJIT at 8:10 AM. Here is what happened this morning:

Everything was as usual until the New Jersey Transit train got out of the tunnel near Secaucus where it stopped. The conductor said there were electrical problems . After a few minutes the trained pulled into the Secaucus station. The conductor estimated that the train would not move for at least 30-45 minutes. From there I took a New Jersey Transit train that was running to Hoboken. There were mobs of people trying to transfer to the PATH trains . The only consolation was that PATH was honoring NJ Transit tickets. I had to take one train to Exchange Place where I transferred to a train to Newark. My last leg of my journey to NJIT was the 3 minute trip on the Newark Light Rail to Warren Street. I arrived at 9:30.

In 17 years of commuting this had to be my worst trip getting to work in the morning. I had to take one bus and 7 trains all together. My worst trip getting home was in August 2003 when I was stranded during a blackout. I had to walk from Newark Penn Station back to NJIT (about 1 mile) and was able to get a dormitory room for the night. I didn't get home until 11 AM the next day.


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