Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thoughts of the Day

I was very glad that it did not rain today. Lee and I went out to play basketball early in the morning. After that Lee joined some of his buddies for bowling. I got a phone call from my mother saying that she was a little under the weather. She has a bad cold that she just can't get rid of. She asked me to come over to buy her some items at the grocery store. She only lives 10 minutes away. After I did some errands for her, I did my little hike in Forest Park.

Sports Notes

The NJIT basketball team started out where they left off last season by losing its opener to Manhattan College 56-32. They have now lost 34 games in a row to tie the NCAA record for consecutive loses. I am just stating the facts here.

The Knicks blew a lead and lost to the Dallas Mavericks 124-114 in overtime. The Knicks are now 6-4 which is much better than last season

Radio Notes

Today's stations

WAXQ - Breakfast with the Beatles with Ken Dashow
XM/Sirius - 60s
XM/Sirisu - 70s featuring American Top 40 with Casey Kasem
WNYC-FM - standards show with Jonathan Schwartz
I was disappointed when I accessed WODS-Boston to hear the Lost 45s with Barry Scott. They were already playing all Christmas music. It is just too early for that.

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Harry N said...

Bruce, I'm sorry to hear your mother is not feeling well. Here's hoping she makes a speedy recovery.

I, too, enjoy reading a good book. Problem...not always enough time and some books demand absolute attention.

Bruce, you need not worry, your comments will always be published to the World Journal. In fact if more people put the thought and care into their writing like you do, it would be a blessing. Even the best of friends sometimes have disagreements. If the relationship is solid, it will survive.

I hope you have a good day on Monday.

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