Monday, November 17, 2008

I will not listen to WCBS-FM until December 26

While perusing some radio message boards tonight I found out that WCBS-FM is playing all Christmas music. Objectively, I think it is much to early to start doing this, but I guess the powers that be in radio land think it will attract more listeners and retain them after the holidays. If any CBS owned station should go all Christmas it should be Fresh 102.7. I admit I am not the most religious Jew in the world, but I have a great appreciation for my heritage and how my ancesotrs suffered. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and Jews do not believe that he is the messiah. Much of this music is seasonal rather than religious in nature, but I still prefer listening to an eclectic mix of music at all times of the year. thus, for the next 6 weeks WFUV will be my #1 station as it was during the Jack years.
I dare not post this to any radio message boards. I would probably be beaten to a pulp.

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Harry N said...

Bruce, I never quite understood why CBS-FM gets the attention that they. It seems if they play a record out of format, the messages boards go balistic!

I agree with your statements in the fact Christmas music is being played way too early in the season.

Fear not, Chicago's WLIT-FM started playing their yearly Christmas music last Friday morning. Yes, it's the ratings which equals advertising dollars. Many stations hope after Christmas, their "new listeners" will stick around for their regular programming.

In Chicago, WJMK-FM 104.3 "Jack-FM" is all classic rock and they are very good. I will admit I listen to them as much as I listen to WLS-FM's oldies. They, too, are sounding great.

When oldies/classic rock isn't on, I absolutely love listening to Jazz.

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