Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blasted Cold

I came down with a cold. There is nothing much you can do, but let it take its course. Tommorow is another day.

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phoenixellen said...

NOT TRUE!! When in my early twenties, living in a VA suburb of DC...I came down with a cold 3 Octobers in a row. The first two years I said...It's just a cold, big deal...and continued with my daily routines. The cold would get weak to the point I thought it was going away...but then returned again and again and I never really "licked it" until SPRING! The 3rd year, I had some sick leave on the books and work was somewhat caught up...so I took off 3 days from work and stayed in bed, drank hot tea and chicken soup and took aspirin and slept and that cold was GONE in 5 days!! Now I believe the body can heal itself if we allow it to use our energy for healing instead of continuing on our routine tasks up and about. Also...there ARE some herbal things (like echinacea and others I cannot think of at this time) that can speed up your healing. Finally, I have found if I megadose on Vitamin C at the very first sign of a potential cold...it either does NOT blow into a full cold...or it leaves my system a lot sooner! So...DO take care of your colds, Bruce. You CAN get rid of them sooner.

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