Saturday, November 29, 2008

From Canal Street to Soho to Greenwich Village

We got off the subway at the N train station on Canal Street. It was a very crowded shopping area. I hate crowds and shopping so we walked north toward the Rock Hall Annex as described in the previous post. Soho was also quite congested with many restaurants and shops. As we walked uptown we entered Greenwich Village. My eyes lit up as a saw Bleeker Street Records, a record store the way they ought to be. This store specializes in rarities. Since I had to watch my money, I bought the following three items:

1. DVD collection of Traveling Wilburys videos
2. CD of a Johnny Cash concert at Madison Square Garden in the 1970s
3. CD of Jimi Hendrix at Monterrey Pop

From there we walked by another rarity, a Barnes and Nobles bookstore. Karen bought here cats calendar and a Jeopardy calendar.

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Harry N said...

I have a good friend who's wife bought a cat on Sept. 11, 2004.

She has named it Orlando. I avoid it at all costs when I come to visit. I'm a 100% dog lover, tried and true.

For the life of me, why rational people name a pet using a person' name is beyond me.

In this day and age, Orlando will be receving a pre-approved Discover card.

At any rate, I hope Karen enjoys her cat calendar.

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