Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yankee Old-Timer Game today

The weather forecast called for showers all afternoon. It was wrong!!  There was only one shower at 1 PM. We planned to go to downtown Manhattan to a mueum and then walk to the South Street Seaport. We'll do that tomorrow. Instead we stayed home and watched the Yankee Old-Timer game on TV.  Even Yankee haters must appreciate the old-timers day.  Since it was the last year at the old stadium over 70 former Yankees from the 1940s until 2006 were invited.  Several players who were with the Yankees briefly were invited.  Willie Randolph who was recently fired as Mets manager got a big hand as he was introduced.  "Once a Yankee, always a Yankee."  The wives of several deceased players were there including Mrs. Thurman Munson were introduced.  It was 29 years ago today that he perished in a plane crash in Ohio.  Bobby Murcer's name was announced but nobody from his family was there, likely because it is too soon after his untimely passing.

The Distinguished Professor was there with his radio.  I am sure he will answer with a detailed report.

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phoenixellen said...

Ray and I met on a camping trip with a Singles Group on the weekend of the 6th and 7th games of the World Series when the NY Yankees played the Arizona Diamondbacks in November 2001. (The World Series had been postponed that year because of September 11th, as you will recall.) What a quandary this put us in. Here we were, born New Yorkers... now calling Arizona our home. We sat and watched game 6 together in a sports bar close to Roosevelt Lake where we were camping. We love the Yankees (though I, too, was really more of a Mets fan when I lived there)... but they won many World Series. So...we were proud of our new "home" team...the Diamondbacks!

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