Sunday, August 31, 2008

They did so much for us all those years ago

It is customary for Jews to visit the graves of  deceased family members before the high holy days.  Today I took Karen, Lee and my mother to visit my grandparents graves at Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Fairview, NJ.  There is an inconvenience involved since it takes over an hour to drive back and forth to spend about 15 minutes at the grave site.  But I think back to how my grandparents worked and sacrificed for me all those years ago.  My grandfather, Boruch Wagman, passed away in 1942 at age 49 7 years before my birth.  He did take his family from eastern Europe to the United States and worked as a baker.  My grandmother, Lena Wagman,  lived to about age 90, and died in 1979.  I always remember how she would stick her head outside her window waiting for me to come home from school to make lunch for me.  She had to be the greatest Jewish cook.  Today's visit was a little more painful since my Uncle Abe could not come.  Every year he flies from Wahington, DC.  We would pick up him at LaGuardia and drive to Fairview.  This year, at age 91, he just couldn't make it.  This especially saddened my mom.

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