Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Mets lost 8-2 today


It was a pretty dull day at big Shea as the Florida Marlins beat our Mets 8-2.  Here is the box score if you are really interested.  The Distinguished Professor of Saturday Night Oldies cma by before the game started.  Since the people next to us were no shows, he sat with us throughout the entire game and shared his knowledge of his favorite radio show.  There was a big boo in the stands when a kid with a Philadelphia Phillies shirt passed by.  Jane Jarvis who palyed the organ during the early days of Shea Stadium made an appearance.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin Burkhardt (sp?)  on SNY  started to interview Jane Jarvis when the Mets got a hit.  After the Mets hit,  Jane Jarvis started talking a little bit slowly, but clearly about her  time at Shea Stadium.  She said that the Mets never treated her as an employee .  They always treated her as a special guest.  Then Kevin cut her off and threw it back to Gary Thorne.  I wish he had let her talk because she sounded like she had some nice stories to share.             Terri

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