Saturday, August 9, 2008

My name was heard on WCBS-FM this morning

On Labor Day WCBS-FM will be playing the Top 500 songs as voted by their listeners.  There is a form on their website where listeners can submit their choices.  I sent mine in last week.  Regular readers of this journal must know that I listen to a multitude of radio stations over the air and online.  This morning I listened to WINS, WABC with Mark Simone, WBGO, XM Deep Tracks and WCBS-FM with Sue O'Neill.  This morning I recived an e-mail from Andrea Wiener, a superenthusiast of the station saying that she heard my name on the station.  Sue had read my 3 choices over the air.  Andrea was recording the station at the time and was kind enough to send me an MP3 of the announcement.  Please check it out at:

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