Friday, January 25, 2008

The New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center

Last night we went to the new Prudential Arena in Newark to see the New Jersey Devils play the Montreal Canadians.  I was never a big hockey fan, but I wanted to see the new arena which is pretty close to NJIT.  I saw my very first hockey game at the old Madison Square Garden in late 1963 shortly after the Kennedy assassination. Hockey has a reputation of being a cult sport.  There was a saying that the same 17,000 people at a Ranger game would be there every night.  In last night’s game the Devils were led 3-1 after 2 periods but lost 4-3.  It is a small world since Stewart Bodner, a colleague at the New York Public Library (NYPL), was sitting in the row behind me.  I left NYPL is 1990, but I have encountered Stewart a number of times over the years.


Karen and Lee finally experienced my miserable commute from Queens to Newark.  They met me at the train station at 5:30 PM.  We ate dinner and walked over to the arena.  The game ended at 9:30 and we arrived home at 11:15.  I hope they understand what I have to go through to travel to work each day.  I have done this miserable commute for 15 1/2 years now.  I have grappled many times with the option of moving to New Jersey, but elected to stay in Queens.  Either decision would have its consequences.

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Anonymous said...

First a comment on hockey: Although we live in the frozen tundra of MN, we have never caught on to be hockey fans.  It is very important around here - we have high school teams, both male and female, and certainly the same at the college level. Our pro team is the WILD. But we don't get excited about it.  Except in the Olympics: for some reason, we do enjoy those games.  But, then, I also like to watch "curling."

As to your comment on New Jersey, did you really think I'd let that slide w/o a comment?  I'm not suggesting you move to JC or Newark (my late brother always said, "No one lives there anymore.") but surely there would be some nice locales.  However, wherever you go, you'd be like to encounter commuter pain, so you may as well stay where you are!

Dave is studying the brochure to see which baseball tour we're trying for this summer.  I knew I shouldn't have said I liked that trip last summer!  Spring is coming. . .enjoy!

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