Thursday, January 3, 2008

Feeling Better Now/HD Radio

Din, Dave - thanks for you kind wishes.  I am feeling much better now and will return to work tomorrow.

I had time to listen to my Accurian HD radio which I bought in October 2006.  HD radios have been advertised extensively, but they have not caught on.  The sound quality is excellent and I like the feed that tells you the song and the artist.  I bought that radio to get the "stations between the stations" not available on an analog radio.  Back then I got it to get the oldies on WCBS-FM-HD2 which were taken away from 101.1 FM by some jackasses who didn't understand the heritage of the station.  Anyway on July 12, 2007 the oldies or should I say Greatest hits were returned to 101.1 while the Jack format was relegated to 101.1 HD2.  Today I listened to the following HD stations.

WPLJ-HD2 - 70s

WPLJ-HD3 - 80s

WKTU-HD2 - Country

WAXQ-HD2 - Deep tracks

WLTW-HD2 - Classic light

There are other HD2 stations from NYC which play music that is not for me.

There are a fewAM stations that broadcast in HD to improve the quality.  I checked out WFAN and WABC for a shor time.

Back to work tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

HD Radio is a farce:

I fell better, now!

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