Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mini-Vacation Today

When I looked at my last pay stub I saw that I have 157 accrued hours of vacation time.  Since I had to schlep from Queens to Rutgers in New Brunswick, NJ yesterday I thought I may as well take a vacation day today.  Since it is slow in the NJIT library during the intersession, I thought I may as well take the day off.  Today is supposed to be unseasonably mild, so I will be a gentleman of leisure today.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose you took a train down to Rutgers.  Hope it was a nice trip. When we were out east in 2004 for my nephew's funeral (Old BridgeNJ) we also took a trip to Rutgers.  My brother from Texas had come for the funeral, and he had attended Rutgers back in the 50s for 2 years before joining Air Force.  So he always enjoyed a sentimental trip back in time to the campus.  It was fun to tour campus with him as our guide. It was the last time he would visit Rutgers since he died unexpectedly the following year. But I have fond feelings for Rutgers!

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