Sunday, January 6, 2008

Funeral for Karen's Aunt Rose today

This morning Karen and I went to the funeral of her Aunt Rose who passed away Thursday at the age of 83, just 6 weeks ago her husband Irving died (see my blog entry of November 25, 2007).  It is always is sad when one parent passes on, but Karen's cousins Alan and Sheldon lost both parents in such a short time.  My deepest condolences to them especially. I vaguely remember Aunt Rose dancing with me at my wedding in 1983.  There have been too many passings since last summer:

Ralph Feuer (my sister's father-in-law)- August 07 - Age 88

Veronica Calderhead ( colleague) - November 07 - Age 50

Irvis Kanis (Karen's uncle) - November 07 - Age 84

Rose Kanis (Karen's aunt) - January 08 - Age 83

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Anonymous said...

Karen and family: Sorry to hear about your aunt Rose. It must be particularly hard for your cousins to have another loss so soon.
Louise and Dave

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