Friday, June 2, 2006

What a miserable trip home

Mazel Tov - this is hit #1000 on this blog.  Obviously, many of them were my own.  Anyway, my commute from NJIT in Newark to Flushing is tough enough under normal circumstances.  Today when I left work at 4:15,  a heavy rain shower began.  When I got to Newark Penn Station there was announcment that the New Jersey Transit trains were not running.  I took the PATH to 6th Ave. and 33rd Street.  It was only a ten minute delay, but the worst was yet to come.  I got on the subway and took the B train to 6th Avenue and 42nd street.  There was a mob of people trying to get to the #7 train.  I presumed that due to flooding the #7 was not running.  I turned back and tried to get to the F train.  They said the F was not running to Queens.  I left the subway system as was able to phone Karen to say I would be late.  I had my radio with me which didn't say anything about the 7.  I walked over to the #7 entrance right near the New York Public Library where I worked from 1983-90.  There was a mob of people waiting to go to Queens.  I used my subway smarts and took the #7 back to Times Square where the trains turns back.  The trip on the #7 to Queens was very slow and crowded.  I finally made it home at 7:20.  Oy Vey.

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Anonymous said...

that sucks!! I'm sorry Bruce. I can't believe how crippled the transportation systems gets from just rain!

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