Saturday, June 3, 2006

Gathering of WCBS-FM enthusiasts today at Ellen's Stardust Diner

Today marked the first anniversary of worst format change in radio history.  On June 3, 2005 the Infinity Broadcasting executives dropped oldies on 101.1 FM after 33 years and changed to the Jack format.  The station featured wonderful radio personalities and a deep playlist of hits from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  I really enjoyed the specialty shows such as the Top 20 Oldies Countdown, Soul of the City, and the weeknight Hall of Fame shows.  My fondest memory of the station was hearing Lee's birthday announcement on the Harry Harrison morning show.  In May 2001, Harry announced Lee's Bar Mitzvah on the air.  We played back the tape at his reception.  A year ago today the format was abruptly dropped while the radio personalities were let go with no notice.  There is no sense to rant anymore here. 

A few months ago I began to plan a gathering for today.  In this era of e-mail and message boards it was easy to reach people to invite them.  I got help from fellow oldies enthusiast Jeff Scheckner.  We picked Ellen's Stardust Diner at Broadway and 51st Street .  The waiters and waitresses sing oldies while you eat.

About 40 people came.  I already received some photos.  Above you see me in a crowd.  I am wearing the yellow shirt with blue horizontal stripes.  The highlight of the show was the appearance of Bobby Jay and was a DJ at the station for about 18 years.  I remember winning a call in contest on his show c1987.  When Bobby walked in, he received a standing ovation.  I must say that he has a lot of class.  He said he was very appreciative of the support that we gave him.  Unfortunately, he has not gotten a full time gig since CBS let him go a year ago.  Tonight he is emceeing a show at the Westbury Music Fair.  I certainly wish Bobby the best.  He sure deserves it.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, this is my favorite post!! yay.  Did any of the pictures include your wife or son?

You should have more gatherings and blog more picture posts!!

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