Friday, June 30, 2006

What is wrong with the picture?

The three guys in this picture are mixed up.  The guy in the middle is wearing a Mets shirt, but out in Arizona he must be ecstatic since the Red Sox just beat the Mets 3 games in a row by the scores of 9-2, 10-4, and 4-2.  The guy on the right is wearing a red shirt, but is he wearing red socks?  The guy on the left is completely lost.  He doesn't know the difference between Fenway Park and Central Park

Anyway, the Mets are still 11 games ahead in the National League East.  Baring a complete collapse, they will be in the playoffs.  They start a 3 game series against the Yankees in the Bronx tonight.


Anonymous said...

Was there supposed to be a picture attached to this post?
Pedro had a legitimate shot at a triple play on that dribbler by Ortiz.  Only gets one out?  The game changed on that play.  
Still a long way to go (but it's always fun when your team rips off 12 straight!)

Anonymous said...

Okay, it just uploaded.  Classic!
Well, now you have some blackmail pix of me :)

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