Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rain, the Beatles Tribute band

Still trying to beat that lousy cold.  I am not completely over it.  Last night we saw Rain, a Beatles tribute band at Town Hall on West 43rd Street.  Since it is not possibile to see the Beatles in concert, seeing a tribute band is the next best thing.  Their web site is:   They played Beatles songs from all eras of the groups history.  I saw the Broadway show Beatlemania back in 1979.  I saw other Beatles tributes bands in 1980 at Queens College and in 1995 at a high school on Long Island.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen another Beatles tribute band, The Mop Tops, in Laughlin, NV.  They were cute and worth the $15.00 admission but there is a certain mentality that pervades the auditorium at a tribute band's performance: kind of like "We're going to pretend we're the Beatles and you pretend to love us, okay?"
Know what I mean?

I wish I was around for the 60's.  As a student of rock n' roll, I consider this the golden decade.  

(hope you are over that cold by the time you read this)

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