Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rainy Day Dylan Radio Show #1

It was raining quite steadily this morning.  I got on the web and did my surfing to some of the Bob Dylan folders.  I had known for sometime that Bob Dylan was going to be the DJ for a new show on XM Satellite radio.  I have been grappling for sometime over whether I should subscribe to XM.  Since Radio@aol offers the music channels of XM, I've decided not to subscribe.  The only thing I am missing is the portability.  I have to listen on my computer.  Anyway, I knew that the show was to premier on Wendesday May 3rd at 10 AM.  Somebody gave a link to  which gave a link to a preview of Dylan's first radio show.  I recorded it and burned a CD of it.  For more information on this show, you can go to  This first show featured songs about the weather.  Dylan was the DJ and didn't select any of his songs.

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