Friday, April 21, 2006

My 57th Birthday

Where have all these years gone?  I am 57 years old today.  I brought in a cheese cake to work today for everyone.  The big boss was not in so we did not have to hear him babble away for two hours.  In a way that was a birthday present.  Tomorrow is Karen's birthday.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce!  Happy Birthday!  Even the Mets . . . well, the Mets are tied 1-1 in San Diego as I write so I can't say they've given you a birthday win . . . yet   (yeah, I remember those bleak west coast road trips when first pitch is 10:05 EST).  
Where the hell was the big boss?  Aw, let's not think about him on a day of celebration.  BTW, how weird is that you and your wife's birthday are a day apart?  I went out with a girl who had the SAME birthday as me--September third--I guess we were *too* much alike.  
Again, happy birthday!

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