Sunday, March 17, 2024

Older Adults Especially Should Watch Out for the Lottery Scam


Yesterday there was a letter in the mail addressed to my late wife Karen with a postmark from Canada with no return address.  I opened it up and there was a note saying she had won $500,000 in a lottery.  They enclosed a check for $6,985  to cover taxes, insurance, and other expenses.  They gave me a phone number to call an agent to get instructions.  A courier would later deliver the rest of the prize.

The letter was from a lottery company in Atlanta while the check was from another company with a bank in Charlotte, NC.

It is obviously a scam.  I Googled and found that other people received similar letters.  I don't understand how they got Karen's name and address three years after she passed away.

My advice is to watch out for this and similar scams that can be sent via, snail mail, email, and the phone.

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