Saturday, June 3, 2023

Rebecca Slaman Speaks at World of Dylan 2023 Symposium - Come Writers and Critics

 In 2021 during the COVID pandemic, an online Bob Dylan Symposium was celebrating his 80th birthday.  Two years ago, it would have been impossible to hold a large in-person meeting.  Since the pandemic is over (COVID is still out there) the wonderful people at the University of Tulsa decided to have an in-person conference.  I hoped it would be a hybrid conference but it was not.  My friend Sal who teaches at NYU said this conference was more academic than the 2019 conference that I attended.

Rebecca Slaman, an enthusiastic Dylan fan in her twenties, presented a talk about people who criticized Dylan over the years.  Certainly, Dylan fandom has transcended the generations.  Someone in the audience video-recorded her talk and uploaded it to YouTube.

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