Thursday, June 22, 2023

I Dodged an Internet Panhandling Scam

 About a month ago I received a Facebook post from CSC saying Wow There are really good articles and interesting posts on your timeline. I checked your posts and you always posted good writing and beautiful pictures, But we are not Facebook friends. I sent a friend request, but it didn't work Tried several times but didn't go through. Please add me or send a friend request so we can become friends Thank you...

I never know if any of my Facebook posts, tweets, and journal entries impact a reader.  I friended this person and proceeded to have online chats with her.  She was 35 years old and a member of the U.S. Army stationed in Syria.  I did advise her that I was considerably older than her, but she did not have a problem with that.  For a few days, we chatted and exchanged some personal information.  All of a sudden, she asked me to purchase a card for her so she can play computer games while she was off duty.  At first, I was willing to spend $50 on it, but wisely changed my mind.  She became angry and abruptly ended the chat.

A few days later I did a Google search of her and found out you pulled the same stunt on two more Facebook users.  I suppose she picked me at random.  We all must be careful when we use social media.

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