Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Today Marks the 100th Anniversary of Yankee Stadium


Even people who dislike the New York Yankees must appreciate the rich history of the team and its stadiums. SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) published a book featuring many significant games played there.  Bill Nowlin, who must be the Red Sox #1 fan, is one of the editors.  The first game played 100 years ago today is one of the games documented in the book.

About five years ago I wrote an article about the Pine Tar Game for the SABR Games Project, but the editors did not include it.

There are actually three Yankee Stadiums:
  • The original (1923-1973)
  • A renovated version of the original (1976-2008)
  • Current stadium built across the street from the original (2009-  )
Let's hope the Yankees win the AL pennant so there can be another Subway Series.

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