Saturday, April 15, 2023

The New York City Sports Calendar is Full These Days

Thanks to overlapping seasons, the sports calendar in the Big Apple is quite busy in mid-April.  Here goes:


  • The Mets were out west in Oakland last night where they demolished the A's 17-6
  • The Yankees are home against the Minnesota Twins.  They lost 4-3

  • The Knicks start the first round of the NBA playoffs in Cleveland against the Cavaliers
  • The Nets start their playoff schedule in Philadelphia against the 76ers
The NBA playoffs will likely continue until mid-June

  • The Rangers and Devils face off against each other
  • The Islanders face the Carolina Hurricanes in the first round
Likewise, the NHL playoffs will continue until mid-June

I am old enough to remember:
  • 16 teams in Major League Baseball
  • 8 Teams in the NBA
  • 6 Teams in the NHL
As these leagues have grown, the playoff series has grown as well.  More money is made by more playoff series.  The almighty buck rules.

If we turn the clock ahead to October there will be overlapping seasons with the MLB playoffs, and regular seasons for the NBA, NHL, and NFL.


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