Wednesday, February 9, 2022

States are Dropping Mask Mandates; Let's Not Jump for Joy


The New York Times reports "Gov. Kathy Hochul will drop New York’s stringent indoor mask mandate on Wednesday, ending a requirement that businesses ask customers for proof of full vaccination or require mask wearing at all times, and marking a turning point in the state’s coronavirus response, according to three people briefed on her decision."  Other states have ended their respective mask mandates.

I especially hate wearing masks in the winter since they make my eyeglasses fog up as I walk in the street.  I don't want to catch the dreaded COVID-19.  In recent weeks the number of cases has dropped dramatically.  I don't think this means that the pandemic is approaching its end.  There have been ups and downs in the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths over the two years of this pandemic.  Nobody knows if there will be future variants that will cause new cases of COVID-19.  I doubt that the pandemic will ever come to an abrupt end.

Although the cases have diminished recently, we should jump for joy thinking the pandemic is approaching its end.

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