Wednesday, February 16, 2022

A Year Later I Still Feel the Pain of Karen's Passing


Karen on Mother's Day 2011

It is a year ago today that my beloved wife Karen passed away at age 65.  I still feel the pain of her loss. I have flashbacks to that night when she refused to go to sleep and insisted on sitting on the living room couch.  I woke up at about 2 AM and found her unresponsive.  I immediately called 911.  The medics came and determined she had passed away.  The police came and were especially kind and stayed until the funeral home came.

 My biggest burden has been to become a father and mother to my son Lee who needs a lot of attention.  I had to face legal issues because of her passing.  Household tasks such as food shopping and laundry now fall to me.  I am saddened when I see an empty chair at the dinner table.

Over the past year, I have taken life one day at a time and confronted issues as they come up.  I attended a bereavement group at Commonpoint Queens for a while.  The social worker stated that everyone should wait a year before making important decisions.  The thought of going back to dating and possibly remarrying has crossed my mind over the past year. At this point, I just don’t want to do it as I recall my bad experiences with dating in the 1970s.  I had plenty of dates that didn’t work out.  In any event, interpersonal relationships take time to develop.

Life goes on as I move forward.  I will never forget Karen and the 37 years of our marriage.

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Grace Agnew said...

I am so sorry. A year is a short time to dispel the grief of losing your wonderful wife of 34 years. In time, I hope 34 years of memories will bring more pleasure than the sadness of loss.

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