Sunday, February 20, 2022

Random Thoughts on President's Weekend


One of these days I will have to inventory my Facebook friends and eliminate some.  I saw that I have 615 of them and wondered why I friended many of them.  In most cases, there was a mutual interest such as radio, baseball, oldies, or Dylan.

It was announced that MLB and MLBPA will meet regularly starting this week.  Why didn't they meet at all from early December to the middle of January?  Will they come to an agreement so that the season can start on time?  Likely spring training is too long and can be compressed.

This morning it was reported that Queen Elizabeth was COVID positive.  She showed very mild symptoms, but she is 95 years old.

I remember that NJIT was always open on President's Day.  I always took it as a vacation day since all the trains were on a weekend schedule.  I do not miss that miserable long commute from Flushing to Newark.

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