Sunday, December 19, 2010

Superior Autobiographical Memory - Not Me

On 60 Minutes tonight Leslie Stahl did a story describing Superior Autobiographical Memory.  This is  very rare ability to remember each day of your life as if it happened yesterday.  People have complimented me on my very good memory but mine is not nearly as good as the subjects profiled in the story.  Leslie gave these people (including actress Marilu Henner) a specific date and they were able to tell her exactly what happened that day.

I can remember very specific events in my life, but I rarely remember the exact date.  I remember going to a Met game in August 2009 when David Wright was beaned by Matt Cain, but I can not recall the exact date.  There are certain positive and negative events in my life that stick out and even clutter my mind, but the exact date is not important to me.  I can usually not filter out the good and bad events that I remember.  It is often for the better to move on and let go of many unfortunate experiences.  On the other hand it is often nice to reminisce about things that happened years ago.

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