Monday, September 13, 2021

The Matt Amodio Show Resumes Tonight


You can learn much about Matt Amodio from seeing the video above which tells of his 18 victories on Jeopardy, most of which were decisive.  His style is similar to James Holzhauer as he picks the most expensive clues first so he builds a big lead that is insurmountable as his opponents are left with the $200 and $400 answers.  Matt usually gets the Daily Double correct and bets large in the first round.  He bets conservatively in Double Jeopardy to protect his lead.

How long will his run last?  You'll never know when a champion can slip up on a Daily Double or in Final Jeopardy.  David can slay Goliath.  I remember the contestant that finally beat Ken Jennings was a one-time winner.  Perhaps Matt will eventually appear on The Chase.

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