Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Radio Rituals


I guess I am a person with a habit of listening to radio stations at the same time of the day or day of the week.  Here goes:

Most Weekday Mornings
  • WFUV - with Corny O' Connell
  • WBGO - with Gary Walker

Morning - Classic Vinyl on SiriusXM
Afternoon - The Village on SiriusXM


Mornings - Willie's Roadhouse on SiriusXM
Afternoons - Deep Tracks on SiriusXM


Mornings - 60s on 6 with Phlash Phelps
Afternoons - The Loft


Mornings - Outlaw Country
Afternoons - Classic Rewind

Mornings -Rock Hall
Afternoons - BB King's Bluesville


Mornings - WFUV with Janet Bardini followed by Elvis Channel and Rhythm Revue on WBGO with Felix Hernandez
Afternoons and evenings - Don Tandler's Time Machine on Pop Gold Radio followed by Cousin Brucie on WABC

Mornings 1010 WINS followed by America's Greatest Hits with Scott Shannon on WCBS-FM
Afternoons and Evenings  - Jon Wolfert's Jingle show on Rewound Radio followed by That Thing with Rich Appel on Pop Gold Radio

There are always variations in my listening habits.

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