Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Thinking Ahead to the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Major League Baseball

 The current Collective Bargaining Agreement between major league players and the owner expires at the end of the 2021 season.  What changes will be made?

I am interested in two rule changes that in my opinion should revert to the old way:

  1. Ghost runner on second base during extra innings
  2. 7-inning doubleheaders.
I guess I am a traditionalist when it comes to rules.  The rule requiring relief pitchers to face 3 batters has not shortened the time of games.  Perhaps that should be revisited.  I would like to see the time of the games shortened, but I am not sure of how to do that.

Financial issues must be addressed.  Salaries are so high and the players will resist any efforts by the owners to reduce them.  The fans are paying the players.  It is hard to believe that at one time its cost only $1.50 to sit in the upper deck of Shea Stadium.  Similar tickets in Citi Field are now about $40.

There is still plenty of time, but if there is no agreement there could be a lockout or strike in 2022.

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