Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Crazy Dreams about Visiting My Former Employer

 During my 3 1/2 years of retirement, I never had the desire to return for a visit.  I don't bitter about the university or any individuals, but I feel the need to move on.  I am disappointed that keeping in touch has been a one-way street as several former colleagues didn't respond to me.  I guess it is human nature that out of sight and out of mind supersedes keeping in touch.

Last night I had two dreams about returning to the university.

  1. I saw my former boss who passed away in 2016 who showed me that he rearranged the furniture in the library.
  2. I taught a class when I told the students that the library does not purchase textbooks.
Here are a few older dreams:
  1. My former boss was sitting at the reference desk playing poker with some students.
  2. I  was accompanying my former director to a basketball game on campus.  We used to kid her about her ignorance about sports.

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