Thursday, May 27, 2021

I Received a Letter via Snail Mail from a Reader of Bruce's Journal

Bruce with Don K, Reed at Long Island Radio Day in 2010

I get very few online comments about entries in this Journal.  I always wonder what people think about this journal in general or specific entries.  Maybe people think I am too much of a Bob Dylan nut.  Anyway, yesterday I received a letter from Russell from Lancaster PA. commenting about the entry I wrote about Don K. Reed back in 2009.  Don was a radio personality on WCBS-FM who specialized in Doo Wop music.  He left the station in 2005 when WCBS-FM made the terrible switch to the dreadful Jack format.  

I certainly appreciate his taking the time to write a letter to me and using the postal service the old-fashioned way to get it to me.  If he was able to find my mailing address on the internet, he certainly could have found my email address just as easily.

Thanks, Russell.


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