Sunday, May 23, 2021

Afternoon at the Jewish Museum


Picture of Bob Dylan that I saw today at the Jewish Museum

Absholam Jac Lahav - American Born in Israel 1977 is the artist

I thought it was time for another museum trip as I hadn't visited one in about a month. The Jewish Museum at 5th Avenue and 92nd Street was my choice.

There were two exhibits of interest:

Modern Look: Photography and the American Magazine  - It explored how photography in popular American Magazines transformed American visual culture from the 1930s through the1950s. Works by photographers including Richard Avedon, Lillian Bassman, Lester Beall, Margaret Bourke-White, Louis Faurer, Robert Frank, William Klein, Lisette Model, Gordon Parks, Irving Penn, Cipe Pineles, and Paul Rand were featured.

Louise Bourgeois Freuds Daughter -  It features approximately 40 artworks from throughout Bourgeois’s career, including the Personages of the late 1940s; the organic forms in plaster and latex of the 1960s; the pivotal installation The Destruction of the Father (1974). The exhibit also presents writings that explore her complex relationship with Freudian psychoanalysis.

The Destruction of the Father

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