Friday, April 30, 2021

Too Late by Bob Dylan - An Infidels Outtake Just Released

 There are numerous outtakes and alternative versions of Bob Dylan's songs that are unreleased.  Many have seen the "light of day" in the Bootleg Series of CDs.  Likely, there are enough recordings that can be issued in future CDs for many years to come.  Too Late is an Infidels outtake that is considered an early of Foot of Pride.  There is no Bob Dylan version on Youtube, so I am showing Lou Reed's version at the  30th Anniversary Concert in October 1992.

A "band" version of Too Late was published on YouTube on July 21, 2021.  Rather than create a new journal entry for it, I'll revise this entry.  I must assume that both versions will appear on Bootleg Series #16 Sometime in NY that will be released on September 17, 2021


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