Monday, April 12, 2021

Random Thoughts of the Day


I really thought that the Met game should have even started in the rain yesterday.  Both the management of the Mets and the umpires made a poor decision.  MLB must have changed the rules since the game is suspended.  It used to be that any game stopped before the fifth inning would be stricken from the record.

I am getting tired of watching TV commercials for personal injury attorneys.

The race for mayor of New York City is really complicated.  This article from the New York Times is a good summary of the race.  I am undecided at this time.

There is nothing new about the attempt to impeach Andrew Cuomo.  If he survives impeachment,  I don't think he'll be nominated for a fourth term.  As I stated before in this journal, there should be term limits.  Both Mario Cuomo and George Pataki were not elected to a fourth term.

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