Monday, April 26, 2021

Doing the Laundry Takes Up Too Much Time!


There are so many steps involved in doing the laundry:

1. Empty the hampers.

2. Separate the colored and white clothes

3. Bring the laundry bags to the basement

4. Place the laundry in the washers.

5. Wait for the machines to finish. (I usually go upstairs during this time)

6. Take the elevator down to the basement again

7.Taking the laundry out of the washers and placing them in the dryers.

8.Waiting for the dryers. (Today I did a few errands during this 30 minute period.  I mailed a letter and bought bagels for tomorrow's breakfast.)

9. Taking the clothes out and bringing them to the apartment

10. Folding the clothes.

11. Putting the clothes away.

This morning I started the process at 7:40 AM and finished at 10 AM.

Well, there are more undesirable activities in this world.  For example:

1. Riding an NJ Transit train.

2. Waiting for the bean counter say "Is there anything else for the good of the order."

3. Staring out at a computer lab waiting for mundane questions.

So is life.

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