Friday, November 6, 2020

Thoughts on Steve Cohen Taking Over As Owner of the Mets


I really don't want to discuss politics especially the counting of the votes in the battleground states which are very close.  The current president will not give up very easily.  The biggest event in sports for me has been the sale of the New York Mets from the Wilpons to Steve Cohen.  On the first day after the sale was completed he clean house in the front office by terminating Brodie Van Wagenen and Omar Minaya among others.  I was not impressed by Brodie's trades and free-agent signings during his two-year tenure as General Manager.  Now Sandy Alderson will make all the major decisions and will likely appoint a new General Manager.

Steve Cohen is a very wealthy man whose assets are greater than $14 Billion.  He should not be tempted to spend money just for the sake of it.  There have been some very poor free agency signings over the years when either the player developed injuries or just did not perform.  I hope he takes the approach of developing players in the farm system and paying them well when they perform at the major league level.  A few free-agent signings to fill holes in the roster should work.

Off the field, I am hoping there will be a statue of Tom Seaver outside of Citi Field.  Restoring the old-timers game would also work well.

We'll have to wait and see what happens.

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Unknown said...

in 139 i was a NY Giants Fan Willie williw willie then thats when i liked the mets ,...but when Giants moved to SF i became a YANK when in ny...Iam a total NY fan .great write up Brucie

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