Saturday, November 28, 2020

MOMA at PS 1 Revisited

I last visited this branch of MOMA in July 2019.  Thankfully the museums in NYC have re-opened but with the COVID numbers increasing they could close again.  MOMA at PS 1 is a small museum, but since it is in Queens it is a short subway ride on the #7 Train.

There was one major exhibit open on the first floor called Marking Time: Art in the Age of Incarceration.  It explores the work of artists within US prisons and the centrality of incarceration to contemporary art and culture.  I must assume that the artists featured had their talent before they entered prison, but it is possible that some learned how to draw while they were incarcerated.  Below are three works of art that caught my eye.

It is evident that this was drawn this year

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