Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Random Thoughts on My 14th Anniversary of Joining Facebook

Today, I received a post that on February 18, 2006, I joined  Facebook.  I remember joining after I attended a library seminar about using Facebook to connect with students.  That obviously did not happen, but certainly, other things did.  Let me randomly list some observations and experiences.

A "Facebook Friend" is usually not a friend or even an acquaintance.  I have about 600 of them, but most of them I have never met, haven't seen in over 5 years or only made contact in person only once.  Likely, I should unfriend many of them.  These people fall into one of these categories:

  • Radio Enthusiasts
  • Bob Dylan Fans
  • Oldies music devotees
  • Baseball fans
  • Family
  • Classmates from elementary school, high school or college
  • Librarians
Very often I keep "an eye" on people I once knew but don't want to contact. I will not friend them under any circumstances.

I set up fan groups for Cousin Bruce Morrow and Harry Harrison.  Both of those groups are very active especially after Harry recently passed away.

I announced the annual oldies meet and greet on Facebook which was very successful over the years.

All of the entries in Bruce's Journal are posted on Facebook.  I am sure that many of the hits emanated from the Facebook posting.

Activity on Facebook can be a waste of time, but I feel the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of being on it.  I know many people don't want to join since they are afraid of giving up their privacy.  I try to be careful about not revealing issues that are too personal.

Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg.

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