Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Baseball Trivia Last Night

Last night Baseball Across America held a trivia night at Ainswoth Social, a sports bar and restaurant at 9th Avenue and 45th Street in Manhattan.  This organization seeks to give under-represented youth an opportunity at-bat by engaging, motivating, and inspiring them to graduate college and become leaders in their communities.  The event served as a fundraiser for this organization.

About 25 people were organized into 6 teams who answered questions which were divided into 9 categories representing the innings of a baseball game.  Some of the categories were:

  • Stadiums
  • Teams
  • Records
  • Post Season
  • Records
I didn't take notes so I only remember a few of the questions that were given.  Some were very easy while others were quite difficult.  The trivia questions at the NYC SABR chapter meetings every year were much much more challenging:
  • What was the first stadium to use artificial turf?
  • What 4 people managed the Mets and Yankees?
  • Who was the last shortstop before Derek Jeter to make the Hall of Fame?
  • What players hit home runs before age 20 and after age 40?
  • In 1904 the New York Giants refused to play in the world series.  What team would have been their opponent?
There was also a raffle where I won a baseball from the 2015 World Series that was autographed by George Brett and John Wathan.

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