Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash

This time, a book in the library led to our seeing a movie.  I was in the local branch of the Queens Library and perused the shelf of new books and found:

Laurie, G., & Terrill, M. (2019). Johnny Cash: The redemption of an American icon.

Since my son, Lee is a big Johnny Cash fan I thought I would pick up the book and try to find time to read it.  I looked at the cover which said "Soon to be a documentary film."  I used my expert research and found The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash opened this Friday, October 11th at the Cinema Village.  Lee was thrilled as we saw the movie today.

I know much of the story of Johnny's life, but I discovered some new details in the film.  It showed a few still photos of Dylan and Cash in the early 1960s.  For the first time, I heard Johnny sing Don't Think Twice It's Alright.

He certainly lived an amazing life.

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