Saturday, October 26, 2019

Getting More Exercise These Days

View from the roof of my apartment building

They are installing a new elevator in my building which means that there is no elevator until about December 15th.  Since I am on the 5th floor this is turning into an inconvenience.  I can walk up the 5 floors or go to the other side of the building and take their elevator to the 6th floor, walk up to the roof and then over to my side of the building and then down to the 5th floor.  I must say there are some good views up there.  Above there is a view of the Manhattan skyline.  On the other side of the building, there is a good view of the Whitestone Bridge.  It is a pain doing food shopping and laundry since I have to schlep the stuff up and down.  I'll be getting more exercise for the next 2 months.

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